A few words about us

Balas Conglomerate

A group of companies specializes in construction, import & export and agriculture.

Balas worldwide Construction firm/Import & Export is a world class firm specializing in infrastructure and occupancy projects with domestic and global import & export expertise. Our engineers are lead project managers across the United States of America.

Balas Farmers Distribution LLC manages vast farmlands in the Volta Region of Ghana, and is a leading producer of rice, tomatoes, cassava, corn and vegetables. Our objective and vision in agriculture is to promote self reliance in food crops in Ghana and across Africa.

Our management team

Issah Ballah Saeed

President & Chief Executive

Fati Manta Saeed

Executive Director

Farouk Abdul Karim

Executive Director

Buhari Issifu

Managing Director

Kofi Nyame

Chief Innovation Officer